Sunday, December 27, 2009


Just so everyone knows, nothing happened We just restarted the blog. We need to catch up a little bit so im going to tell you some new stuff in our life. Were going to start from November. My brother Matthew found the PERFECT girl for him and they recently got engadged during one of there vacations. When he asked her to marry him she said " Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes " and then her eyes got "sweaty" and then said " Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes " Some more. Kyle also has been dating his amazing girlfriend Jenessa. She is just as awesome as bree and they are all extremly lucky to have one another. Next I am going to talk about Halloween, I was a flapper And if anyone doesnt know what that is it is a dancer from the 1930's. Next Bree was a character named oscar the grouch It was So funny. She had a little trash can and everything and next matthew was Dwight from the office. Last, My great friend caden was a hippie it was SO fun going trick or treating with the 3 of them... I LOVE THEM ALL.
Well I dont have enough time to tell more but ill talk to you later.. Goodnight.